ROSBANK Overview

Rosbank Interest RatesRosbank is a private universal bank in Russia and is part of French banking group Societe Generale.  It caters to individuals, small and medium enterprises as well as corporate and private banking customers. It began in 1993 and today through a merger  in  2010 &... read more

ROSBANK Discussion Activity

  • - Deposits
    Q: Hi, Can I open and deposit money into this account if I am from another country? In this case Australia?

    Reply David from Sydney, Australia
  • - Deposits
    Q: Hi, What is the minimum deposit in RUB to open 9% rate? thx Ioulia

    Reply Ioulia from Sydney, Australia
  • Deposits
    Q: I am an expatriate working in Russia, Can I still maintain my account with Rosbank and transact through online when I am repatriated back to home country? rgds, tancbee

    Reply Chuan from Ulyanovsk, Russia