ROSBANK Locations

Central Federal District Locations

Cities : Moscow
Moscow Branches
Arbatskiy Branch 1, Arbat, Moscow Tel: (495) 7833490
Lefortovo Branch 19, Krasnokazarmennaya, Moscow, 111116 Tel: (495) 2349584
Anino Branch 158, Varshavskoe, Moscow, 117405 Tel: (495) 3881827
Julebino Branch 25, Julebinskiy Blvd., Moscow, 109156 Tel: (499) 7966152
Bibirevo Branch 17, Prishvina, Moscow, 127560 Tel: (495) 7257804

ROSBANK Discussion Activity

  • - Deposits
    Q: Hi, Can I open and deposit money into this account if I am from another country? In this case Australia?

    Reply David from Sydney, Australia
  • - Deposits
    Q: Hi, What is the minimum deposit in RUB to open 9% rate? thx Ioulia

    Reply Ioulia from Sydney, Australia
  • Deposits
    Q: I am an expatriate working in Russia, Can I still maintain my account with Rosbank and transact through online when I am repatriated back to home country? rgds, tancbee

    Reply Chuan from Ulyanovsk, Russia